a Guy’s day out

the morning started out with a little Max softly rising from his little bed around 7:30 and I hear
hi, Nana” and receive a perfect, albeit a bit slobbery, kiss on the cheek and a hug that would put any bear to shame!
I try to catch a few more zzzz’s as I hear the conversations between Max and his Poppa:
  I can brush my teeth by myself.
Well, I need to help you a little bit.
  But I can brush my teeth by myself.
Well, I still need to help you a little bit.
  But …
We need to get dressed because we are going to the restaurant to have breakfast with Tom.
  Max sits down on the floor, lays out his jeans with the tag on the floor and wriggles his legs in place, hops up and pulls   the jeans in place.  Picks up his clean shirt, sticks it on his head so it covers his face, and runs into the bedroom yelling “hey poppa, I’m ready!”
Max signed his own card!



After a hearty breakfast of sausage, pancakes, eggs, waffle, cantaloupe, applesauce and milk (GULP), Poppa and Max said their good-byes to Tom and headed out to the Bear Canyon Library on Tanque Verde and returned home with a brand new library card and three – count ’em – THREE books in tow.
Later, I had a client at my home office working on some accounting issues.  Max was not shy about asking “when yew done working yew wanna play with me?”  When the client mentioned that he had to go “potty”, Max mis-interpreted that to mean my client was going to use his froggy potty, and yelled out ” noooooooooooooo –  you are too BIG!”
The kid is nothing if not honest!  Such an angel !

One thought on “a Guy’s day out

  1. Max was such a gentleman, flirted with a room full of white haired ladies at meeting an then tried his luck with 2 year old Yelena and her Abuelita. What a joy to be with.


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