Mateo’s Birthday COOKIE Surprise!

One dozen of these cuties will be delivered to the Metro 29 Diner this evening for Mateo to share with his guests after dinner.

02 16 2013 Mateo's Birthday Adventure Cookies

Thanks to Monster Cookies in Arlington Virginia – Dawn was such a great help to me in planning this part of Mateo’s Birthday Adventure.

One thought on “Mateo’s Birthday COOKIE Surprise!

  1. and after participating onstage in a kids improv skit (this place has a Saturday afternoon improv show rated G – so G in fact that one kid said "poop" and had to wear a paper bag over his head for the balance of the skit which said "potty mouth") and dinner at the Metro 29 Diner, a very excited Mateo tells me on the phone, the most favorite part of his Birthday Adventure was the cookies! So much fun to listen to both Mateo and Marluce relay the details of the entire adventure piece by piece, with a lot of "necessarily" thrown in by Mateo. His new favorite word!


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