Hunting for PUDDLES


Since Tucson had gotten (gulp) quite a bit of snow on Wednesday, Max and I decided to head out on Thursday to hunt for puddles for jumping in!  Galoshes on his feet and raincoat donned, we walked the entirety of this little neighborhood on our quest for puddle perfection.
Nana kept a watchful eye checking on traffic so as not to impede the jumping process.
  Sometimes the jumping was tested on puddles sans umbrella.
Other times, the umbrella was opened wide to deter the puddle splattering on top of the head.








We searched in the streets and on the sidewalks and in the walkways between the streets.



Max wanted to be under the umbrella while it was raining so badly (there was nary a raindrop in sight) that he sought out an RV in a neighbor’s drive and stood under the awning supports to achieve the desired rain effect as the snow melted, causing a dripping from the awning support to the umbrella protecting Max’s head.
A fairly successful morning culminating in a Nana/Max snowball fight at our little neighborhood  park with a toddler voice in the background jeering “missed me, Nana.  Missed me.”

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