From Ashburn Virginia to Tucson Arizona

Finally, Ricky, Mateo and Marluce were about to land in Tucson for a week-long vacation.  I had Abby for the day, so Poppa picked up Maxwell and headed to the airport.   Soon after, I heard the garage door open and Abby and I ventured out to greet our Virginia family.  And, this would be the first time that Abby was introduced to her cousins.

Mateo multi-tasks.
Mateo multi-tasks.

Relaxing and visiting and listening to tales of a grand kid’s life!


Marluce works with Maxwell while creating a masterpiece!


Max likes to make a good impression on his cousins by dressing up for the occasion!

7 6 4The kids started getting restless in the little house and so I hooked up a wacky water thingy and let them cool off a bit in the backyard, much to their delight!

For dinner, we had a huge spread of salad bar, sandwich bar, Mexican dip, chips of all kinds and teriyaki meatballs!  There was something for everyone and the leftovers would serve us well later in the week for snacks and lunches.  The Virginia kids left with the Pantano Edge kids to retire for the night.  More tomorrow.