Max’s Excellent Park Adventures #3

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For this new adventure, we ventured out to Purple Heart Park  on Rita Road in the Rita Ranch subdivision.  The day was cloud covered for the most part so it seemed a bit cooler than the 98 degrees it actually was.

Purple Heart Park is another one of those parks nestled within a neighborhood.  It is quite a pretty little area with a baseball field, playground, swim center, and benches under the shade of huge trees.  Not sure where the rest of the acreage is, but I can only assume that if we had gotten onto the walking path,we would have seen a lot more than we did.  However, 3-year-old Max is more concerned with the playground and drawing circles in the dirt with found branches from the ground.

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This is a really peaceful little area for reflection and remembrance.  Notice the purple tiles inset into the stone in the shape of a heart.  Nice and simple and beautifully thoughtful.

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Higher, Poppa.  HIGHER!
Higher, Poppa. HIGHER!

We need to revisit this quiet little park and explore the undeveloped nature as well.  This is a great place for family get togethers as the playground is close to benches and BBQ grilles – so the little ones could be in your sight while enjoying the day.  Good amount of shade for the Tucson desert.  Max and I both give Purple Heart Park a thumbs up!