Camp Nana with Max and the Abericot Twee

apricot tree

Max has recently discovered abericots – aka apricots.  We decided that we needed to grow a tree.    So, here is Max’s account of our abericot twee planting.

First we had to eat an abericot.  We spit the seeds in the water (cup).  We tooked them out of the water so they could grow. (the water bath was to clean all the pulp from the pit.  Max learned that if the pit floats to the top of the cup, it will never grow into a tree – just not viable.  None of ours did – they all dutifully sat at the bottom of the cup.)  Then we put the seeds on a plate. (to dry out for a couple of days)  I came to Nana’s house and we hammered on them and then the seeds came out.  We went to the store and got big big BIG bags of dirt and a big flower pot.  We put dirt in the planter.   I used my shovel handle and poked one hundred (four, to be exact) holes in the dirt.  We put seeds in the flower-pot.  We covered them with dirt.  We watered the seeds.  THE END



20130808_104315 20130808_110038

The perfect end to a morning of hard labor – making it rain on his head – and watching a rainbow slowly form on the sidewalk.


Max’s rendition of what his abericot twee will look like in a couple of years!