a Picnic in the Park

Our little neighborhood has a little green patch about 30 feet by 50 feet in size.   Max thinks this is the greatest park ever!  Sometimes we take a ball to the “park” and kick it.  Sometimes Poppa rides his bike around the perimeter while Max drives his little car around the sidewalk.  Other times, Max and I kick off our shoes and run barefoot on the lawn and chase each other or have races.

Today, Max decided we should have an impromptu picnic at the neighborhood park.  He decided on jello with fruit and cheesy organic bunny crackers and bottles of water.  The weather was beautiful as we sat on the wall and enjoyed watching a very little boy in his glory in his great big park.  My heart grew just watching him enjoy his little picnic – that face is truly priceless.11 08 2013 Picnic

Max reminds me that I need to take time for simpler things.  Thank you, Maxwell.