Camp Nana Week 6

Started off bright and early with a Junket Joyride to Pantano Riding Stables.  Always a good thing to visit the horses and their world for an hour or so.

pantano_menu_items_bluebgAbby was a little stand-offish at the beginning while Max acted as though the horses were his best buddies from years (all 4 of them) gone by.

He especially liked the miniature pony and made several remarks such as “boy, that Chester sure did like me!”.  And he wasn’t wrong.

Chester would follow Max as we walked by and at one time, even put his hoof up on the corral rail as though he was having a good old-fashioned chat with Max.




Max made certain that all horses wanting his attention did not go unnoticed.  He was always ready with an open hand and a pet on the nose.

020 (2)

Most of the horses were wearing the mesh masks to protect their eyes from flies and mosquitoes and diseases of the eyes from such and from the Tucson sun’s harsh rays.  They can see through them and it seems they are not the least bit bothered by the masks.  On the other hand, Max was concerned at first thinking it was some type of blindfold.


024 (2)

 Max, being a bit disgusted by the smell at first, pinched his nose shut for some relief.




We watched a couple of the horses get their morning baths.  This one kept wanting to drink the water instead of getting rinsed and

Abby and Max giggled openly watching the horse raise his head to sneak a little drink.





030 (2)



Abby, hold my hand.


Okay, then hold just my finger.

totay, brudder. you’re welcome, brudder.

026 (2)

025Hey!  There’s a horse in here!!

024Taking a little breather from the heat and long walk!

021 (2).An independent little wrangler insists on seeing the sights without holding anyone’s hand.


Meanwhile, Maxwell maps our route so that we don’t miss anything.

IMAG0428 IMAG0429

Culinary Corner brought us back home on the range to a hearty lunch of hot dogs and mac ‘n cheese.

By the way, Abby is not in pain.  She is saying “cheeeeeeese” for the camera.

The kids helped make lunch.  Abby placed each hot dog on the giant crescent rolls and Max rolled them up to make a bun!




A little trip down Artist Avenueis a great place to relax and unwind from such a busy morning.


Abby takes charge of her own Camp Nana adventure, by rearranging my wallet!

Today’s Max-ism:   Max “needed” a baggie to take home some art, etc.

Nana, where are those bags with the zippers?

In that little cabinet Max. Just grab one of the boxes.  There are big ones and little ones.   (After too long of a silence, I make my way to the kitchen to find about 60 sandwich sized baggies on the floor and Max is still sitting on the rug, pulling each bag out one by one and stacking them, making a lovely pile of clear bags.)  Max, what are you doing?

Looking for the bigger ones.  I figure that they must be at the back of the bag because the little ones are “afront”.

Oh, Max.  the big ones are in their own box.  Now, you need to pick all the small bags up and put them back in the box and then I will get you a large baggie.

Can’t you just do it, Nana?  You’re the one who advised me!

Closing out another fun day at Camp Nana 2014.