2014 Gdovins & More Family Reunion Day 2

Breakfast at the Hotel and enjoying the type of conversation that you can only experience while dining with a 10-year-old grandson and an 8-year-old granddaughter.  All of the sudden, I feel a thick mane of hair on my neck and get a huge sister hug from my youngest sibling, Lori.  After surprising us at breakfast, we head up to the room to gather anything else we need for the day.  Day 2a

Finishing a great photo-op with Auntie Lori, we jump in her new red Ford Focus and head out to see the hall in Palisade that she rented for our reunion. Always a pretty drive to Palisade and brings back so many memories of our entire family going out to the peach orchards to pick the best peaches that I have ever tasted.  Kind of makes a lump in my throat as we pass so many familiar places from, oh, so long ago.  Back to reality as I quiz Mateo and Marluce on the landmarks surrounding us as we drive.  “Mateo, what is that mountain?”  Mt Garfield.  He catches on quickly.  “And what is this long flat top mountain?”  Right again.  The Grand Mesa.

Lori and I take a lot of the drive to reminisce,  And within a few minutes, the valley has enveloped me in her arms, and I am home again.  My mind wanders from seeing myself as a child in a peach orchard with the family laughing and picking fruit and back to the present conversation of reunion plans.   Lori picks up the keys and we check out the reunion hall and make mental notes of supplies we still need.  Mateo and Marluce decided that some decorations were needed to add some color.  After Lori drops us off at our hotel, we hop in the car and head out to Hobby Lobby and find crepe paper and banners and big sticky letters.  It has been a long and busy day, so we decide on an early dinner at, in my opinion, the world’s best pizza ever – Junct’n Square.Day 2d Day 2c Day 2b

After a pizza that Mateo is talking about three days later and describing it as “AMAZING”, (that, in itself, is amazing!  Mateo is, shall we say, a very particular dining guest), we head back to the hotel and hop into pajamas and make an early evening of it.  iPad games for them and accounting for me  A wonderful day in my wondrous home town with people I love to share.