Camp Nana Kick-Off 2016

Max and Abby were raring to go at 8:30!  They were delighted with new Camp Nana shirts as we sat down to paint and design birdhouses.  Of course they each had to have their own paper plate with chosen dots of paints.  Abby chose mostly pastels while Max goes for the bright and vibrant colors.  The birdhouses are left alone to dry while O Canada Papa picks Abby up for her swim lesson.  Max plays with Legos until she returns.  They have carefully chosen some dried leaves from the back yard to adorn their birdhouses because “sometimes the birdhouses will be in the trees and leaves always die so new ones can grow and then the old leaves stick to the birdhouses and the birds don’t care”.   After adding the leaves to the roofs and a couple of birdies move in to each house, the glue is drying – on to the next project …

20160602_084609 20160602_084831






With some rolls and deli meats and cheeses in front of them, Max and Abby are left to make their own lunches.  Listening to their chatter always brightens my day – no matter the content.

 “Abby, why did you break my giant chip?  Why, Abby.  Why?”

 “Oh Maxie.  It’s just a chip.” (insert heavy sigh)20160602_112856 20160602_112845









to be continued …

(… later that day …)

Max wants a nap.  It is Abby’s nap time anyway, so i put them both in my bed.  Abby is caught dancing around on the bed several times while Max just lays in the same position and place).  Max says he cannot sleep there.  I tell him he can lie on the sofa while I work.  From the bedroom, I hear the soft sobs of a 3-year-old, and I cannot let that pass.  “Why are you crying, Abby?”  The response breaks my heart and nearly brings me to tears.  “Brover left me and I want to cuddle with him while I nap.  He is my best friend ever.”  I then query Max on whether he might like to give this another chance.  He flatly states “no, thank you.”  Abby looks and me and softly asks if Max said no. and I barely nod my head.  The tears come easily as she literally falls into my arms.  What choice do I have but to carry her to the sofa to nap near her brother.

In the meantime, the birdhouses are dry and ready for their first showing to the awaiting public.  And so, without further adieu, I give you …THE BIRDHOUSE(S).

20160602_134228 20160602_134235 20160602_13424320160602_134249