camp nana – dusty field trip

Max and Abby started the camp day early with a Trail Dust Town Excursion. Max took a 20 dollar bill and stood in a not very long line to obtain 2 wristbands.    Of course, the first stop was the railway station.  Max insisted on being in the first car after the conductor and upon returning, Abby exclaimed loudly with covered ears … “I am NEVER riding in that car again.  It was bidiculously loud!”


Next was a visit to the Stagecoach ferris wheel and the old-fashioned carousel.  Not really exciting rides, but very cute and the happy campers delighted in riding them as if they were in Disneyland.  I wish I could remember what it was like to see things thru a 4 year old’s eyes.

After two hours of rides and seeing all of the Farmer’s Market stands and wares, the kids were hungry for lunch, That’s when we came upon the Dragon Pizza Company.  They make a great cheese wood-fired pizza in the belly of a big green dragon.

The campers must have been hungry as there were no complaints of the sauce being too spicy or the cheese not the kind Max likes.  They devoured 2 and 3 pieces each!  Best I have had in a very long time.


Image result for dragon pizza oven Tucson Farmers Market

So what do you do after you eat some pizza and ride the rides and check out each and every vendor booth as well as listening to a great youth mariachi group …?

You get a triple flavor shaved ice with 3 spoons!

Image result for shaved ice vendors in tucson az

It was a great day.