Happy Birthday, dear Abby …

Oh – this child.  She made her debut on November 8, 2012.  She had not been breathing the sweet air for even one hour before mommy and daddy wanted her brother to meet her.  Poppa and I took a very composed toddler boy (with a custom made big brother name tag) to the birthing center to assume his new duties.

After that, the ride began that we have come to know as the many faces of Abigail Anne.  And oh, what a ride it has been.  I have no idea what my life would be without her.  I never even want to imagine such a life.

Together, we have crafted and cooked.  Made messes and cleaned up.  Shopped and purchased (boy, have we EVER purchased).  She has made me smile and laugh out loud and sometimes even brought me to tears with her reflections.  I watch her sleep and I see her impish grin before she attacks her brother.  I listen to her with a vocabulary far beyond her years.  I am her audience for her made up songs and dances.  I am her cheerleader and her biggest and most loyal fan of all her endeavors.  This kid knows how to make an entrance and make her presence known.  And I am so much the better for meeting her and taking her into my heart five years ago today.

Happy Birthday, sweet girl.   Nana loves you very much.