Daigle, George Thomas
Born 8-18-1895 in Denver, Colorado
Died (Labor Day) 9-7-1914 from a gunshot wound in Turkey Creek
Canyon, Colorado riding in a wagon holding a shotgun and it went off)
Son of James Benjamin Daigle & Minnie (Mary) V Gardner Daigle
Brother of Paul Daigle, Hazel L Daigle (Parks),Marjorie Grace Daigle (Tabor)

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Daigle, Hazel Laura
Born 11-30-1893 in Denver, Colorado Died Sept 1946 at home, 3931 W 45th Avenue,from cancer
Wife of Thomas Parks;  Daughter of James Benjamin Daigle & Mary (Minnie) Victoria Daigle

Mother of Richard Thomas Parks, Leonard James Parks, Howard Russell Parks, Hazel Elaine Parks (Cormany) (Grandma Sis)

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Daigle, James Benjamin

 Born 8-31-1870 in Nashville, Tennessee Died 6-12-1940 at home 4500 Perry Street, Denver, Colorado
Address in 1889 was 1278 Santa Fe Avenue, Denver CO
Left an orphanage circa 1879 to join the circus
Husband of Minnie (Mary) V Gardner Daigle – Married in 1891
Son of Thomas L Daigle
Father of George & Paul Daigle, Hazel Laura Daigle (Parks), Marjorie Grace Daigle (Tabor)
Brother of Martha Daigle (Holt)
Death certificate lists occupation as Elevator Pilot for Swift & Co. He also drove the water truck in Denver to ease the dust on dirt roads
Related to the Winchester Rifle Family
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Daigle, Marjorie Grace
Marjorie Grace Daigle Tabor (Brill)
(Grandma Tabor holding Mom – Miriam Grace Tabor a week or so after giving birth at home on Perry Street)
1956 at 1755 N 18th, Grand Junction, Colorado  (holding newborn, Mark Thomas Gdovin)
Born 6-14-1906 (at home) 4500 Perry Street, Denver, Colorado.
Died 11-23-2004 (at Tucson Medical Center, Tucson, Arizona)
Wife of John Holbert Tabor
Wife of second husband George Brill George Brill died December 24, 1946
Fiancee of Alfred Tennyson Morris for 19 years
Daughter of James Benjamin Daigle & Mary (Minnie) V Daigle
Mother of Miriam Grace Tabor Gdovin
Sister of George and Paul Daigle, and Hazel L Daigle (Parks)
Occupation: bookkeeper at Lakeside Amusement Park and Denver Tramway
The middle name of Grace was named for an Aunt in Omaha, NebraskaFlower Purple (1)
Daigle, Mary

“from sister Mary to her brother Thomas Daigle”
written on back of photo. Chipman Studio 749 Chapelet New Haven, Conn

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Daigle, Paul
Born 1897 in Denver, Colorado
Died 1912 in Denver, Colorado on 38th and Osceola – electrocuted by fallen electrical wires
Son of James Benjamin Daigle & Minnie (Mary) V Gardner Daigle
Brother of George Daigle, Hazel L Daigle Parks, & Marjorie Grace Daigle Tabor
Flower Purple (1) Daigle, Thomas L
Born 1850 (French Canadian) Died circa 1923 in Arvada, Colorado
Carpenter by trade
Husband of Millie (wife’s maiden name not known – she died in 1879 –she was from Nashville, Tn)
Father of James Benjamin Daigle
Brother of Walter, Martha Holt (she died in Omaha, Ne), Julia Bridges (theater traveled)
He had a pet monkey from a circus. Brought the monkey in to warm in the winter, monkey burnt it’s feet and died.
The father of Thomas L Daigle (name unknown) served in the Civil War, was captured and put in Libby Prison.
* Libby Prison was a Confederate Prison at Richmond, Virginia, during the American Civil War. It gained an infamous reputation for the harsh conditions under which prisoners from the Union Army were kept. The prison was located in a three-story brick warehouse on Tobacco Row. Prior to use as a jail, the warehouse had been leased by Capt. Luther Libby and his son George W. Libby. They operated a ship’s chandlery and grocery business. Libby Prison, used only for Union officers, opened in 1861. It contained eight rooms, each 103 by 42 feet (31.4 by 12.5 metres). Lack of sanitation and overcrowding caused the death of many prisoners between 1863 and 1864. Because of the high death toll, Libby Prison is generally regarded as second in notoriety only to Andersonville Prison in Georgia. In 1864, the Union prisoners were moved to Macon, Georgia, and Libby Prison was then used for Confederate military criminals. In 1880, the building was purchased by Southern Fertilizer Company. Nine years later, it was disassembled and moved to Chicago, Illinois, where it was rebuilt to serve as a war museum. After it failed to draw enough crowds the structure was again dismantled, this time to be sold in pieces as souvenirs. “The building is of brick, with a front of near one hundred and forty feet, and one hundred feet deep. It is divided into nine rooms; the ceilings are low, and ventilation imperfect; the windows are barred, through which the windings of James River and the tents of Belle Isle may be seen.”
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Daigle, Walter

Born ?? ?? ????, Died 1941

Husband of Amelia  (Millie) Born ?? ?? ????, (Died 1958)

Walter & Millie  share a tombstone which reads simply, “Mama” and “Papa”


Brother of James Benjamin Daigle
Father of 10 –
    1895 04 ??   Hazel A
    1896 09 ??   Harry W
    1899  02 ??  Julia P
    1901   ?? ??  Barton L or Burton L
    1905   ?? ??  Margarette E (Dickerson)
    1907   ?? ??  Jessie M (female)
    1909   ?? ?? Mildred E
    1914   08 ?? Bessie F
    1919  10 ??   Harvey
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