Parks, Thomas

Born ??                in Canada (he was Scottish Canadian)
Husband of Hazel Laura Daigle (Parks)
Father of Richard Thomas Parks, Leonard James Parks, Howard Russell Parks, & Hazel Elaine Parks (Cormany)
Great Uncle Tom Parks to Connie Gdovin (Gardner) & siblings;  he was a 32nd degree Mason, which allowed me to join the Jobs Daughters Bethel 30 in Grand Junction, Colorado.
A 32nd degree Mason is the highest honor and rank attainable (32° Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret. This degree describes the victory of the spiritual over the human in man and the conquest of appetites and passions by moral sense and reason. The exemplar represents every Freemason eager to serve humanity but caught between self-interest and the call of duty. Duty often requires sacrifice, sometimes the supreme sacrifice.  Freemasonry provides opportunities for sincere, honest, forthright men who want to contribute to the improvement of Themselves and of their communities. Through our Masonic fraternalism, we reaffirm our dedication and unity to become involved citizens who have a strong desire to preserve the values that have continued and will continue, to make America great. In the Northern Jurisdiction, U.S.A., Scottish Rite degree work is carried on within the; Lodge of Perfection, 4° – 14°;Council of Princes of Jerusalem, 15° – 16°; Chapter of Rose Croix, 17° – 18°, Consistory, 19° – 32° and 33° Sovereign Grand Inspector)

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