1997 Cristopher Chase


Almost 3  years old.     Chase finds the perfect Christmas tree for his house.


2002 – Chase patiently poses for Grandma.   Visiting Tucson from North Carolina.


2006 at a baby shower for the birth of Quinn in Greensboro NC

The baby shower came and went.  Thanksgiving was over and Christmas was just a memory.  The date of January 30, 1997 was set and I thought that it would feel to me just like any other day.  After all, I had delivered three babies myself.  Just how exciting could this be to an “outsider”?  I dressed and readied myself to go to St Joseph’s Hospital with the intention of checking in for a few moments with your Mom and Dad and then I would leave them to experience this wonder – this miracle – you!

I entered the hospital room with a basket of goodies that I made for this special day – lullaby cd’s, onesies, lotions for a very tiny you and some for your Mommy and so many other things.  I gave both Cristopher and Sherrie my love and after hugs, I returned to my car in the parking lot.   As I guided the car to the road, I found myself heading to your Uncle Jeffry’s school.  I walked into the office and signed Jeffry out for the rest of the day.  He ran to meet me in the school office and told me he was finishing an extra credit problem in Algebra and would return as soon as he turned his paper in to the teacher.    I waited somewhat impatiently, tapping my fingers on the office counter and touting my story to anyone who would listen that I was going to meet my first Grandson!

Jeffry and I rushed to the hospital.  While he was excited, I found myself in somewhat of a panic mode that I would not get to the hospital in time to hear the announcement of your birth.  Fears were relieved as Jeffry and I walked in the room and had time to visit with your Mom and Dad before Sherrie was wheeled away by Cristopher and the attending nurses.

Within fifteen minutes,  out walked my first son cuddling my first grandson in his arms.  With just a simple “here he is, Mom”,  He walked closer so I could get a better look and then states matter of fact that he had to get you back to the nurses so they could clean you up and check your vitals.  Tears flooded my eyes so I could barely see your little face and any words I had planned on saying just got lost in my throat.  Just then, Jeffry returned to the waiting area with your Grandpa in tow.  I told myself that now I could go home and get back to my day,  Instead, I found myself glued to the bench in front of the nursery windows; staring at you – Grandma’s  tiny little blessing.

In between January 30 1997 and January 30 2013, all of our lives have taken many different turns.  I have not seen you or heard your voice in four years.  And now you are a young man of sixteen and I cannot even wrap my mind around that.  You are in High School and have a part-time job and these facts simply astound me.

Happy Birthday, Cristopher Chase.  I think of you each and every day.   One day we will be together again and we will have a lot of catching up to do!   Until that time, be well, be healthy and be happy.  I love you, Buddy.  Your Grandma.

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