DAY 6 and 7 Vacation – from Rome to Napoli

Here we are – a second train on our way to Napoli, Italy!   But first, feast your eyes on this two-story glass wall bookstore in Roma Termini!  Amazing.  I could have spent oh so many hours there.  Give me a comfy chair and a good book – the kind with pages with that new book smell.  And I am good to go!2019 04 19 LEAVING ROME FOR NAPOLI A  But, it was time to board the train as we head to Napoli.  2019 04 19 LEAVING ROME FOR NAPOLI D

A quote from an American living in Italy … “I like to describe Naples as chaos incarnate. It has a life of its own, that seems to head in every direction at once, but then comes together into a sort of untouchable harmony that energizes your soul.”

As the driver begins our journey into Napoli, so begins the carefully orchestrated choreography of the automobiles, scooters and pedestrians.  Clearly the autos are the Prima Ballerinas, always taking center stage and everyone and everything else, following their lead.  An auto gives a friendly beep beep to remind a scooter that while they are indeed the soloists in the performance of this very narrow stage, they are not to interfere with the auto.  However, scooters glide in and out of the dance:  in front of and up the side and the auto drivers never flinch.  No fingers thrust out the window. No cursing at the offending scooter.  They all seem just to take it in stride.  Streets are extremely narrow here and it is not uncommon to see a  car drive up on the edge of a sidewalk so as not to have to stop.  It is in the unwritten rules of the road.  Pedestrians are, to put it gently,  the Corps de Ballet and therefore must choose their positions wisely.  As the owner of the apartment we rented told us, “signs in Napoli are just a suggestion”.A not so friendly BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP clearly advises the autos or scooters or pedestrians that the stream of participants need to move – and need to move NOW.  That doesn’t happen very often as it seems that almost all know their place and stay in their positions. Image result for traffic in napoliVery Smart, these citizens of Napoli.  Very smart, indeed.

The neighborhood of the VRBO that we rented in Napoli was a bit on the sketchy side, if you get my meaning.  On second thought, we should have rented in the historic district as it was more up our alley!  But, the apartment itself was cute and had some really nice features.  We would not have gone out at night alone – but we really didn’t plan on that anyway.

In stark contrast, the Historic District of Naples is enchanting.  Enjoy the  architecture and the sites.  I only wish I could give you the sounds of the people in the piazza and smells emanating from the many pasticcerias.   I shall surely miss this chaotic, picturesque and crowded city of Napoli.  I rather liked it.  Napoli has personality.  Napoli is spunky.  I like spunk!

(full disclosure – the first 4 photos are from the Internet of some of the sites we saw.  My photos did not turn out as we visited the first time in the evening)

Robyn to the rescue with photos from her camera …

tomorrow …Capri.