I’m a Chain!

Remember that part in Steel Magnolias after Shelby dies and everybody is moving on with their lives and Dolly Parton’s husband drives her to a strip mall to surprise her with a second location for her hair salon called “Truvy’s West? ”

Well, my card designs are expanding to my “Truvy’s West” location on RedBubble.com.


Stop by.  Have a looksie.  Right now I am adding my popular designs from my Zazzle sales, but will be adding new designs very soon!

thank you again AMY

for ordering 275 invitations and 300 rsvp cards for your Ritz-Carlton corporate event.  Let me know how your event turns out!  I appreciate your business!

rsvp A Duvall Business Cards
rsvp A Duvall Business Cards by connieszazzle
Look at more Byrequest Business Cards at zazzle
A Duvall 5 Custom Announcements
A Duvall 5 Custom Announcements by connieszazzle
Check out more Byrequest Invitations at Zazzle
A Duvall 5 Custom Announcements
A Duvall 5 Custom Announcements by connieszazzle
Check out Byrequest Invitations online at zazzle

a look back at my Week

In Virginia, Marluce and Mateo show off their Easter treats I sent to them. Apparently the calendar is different in Virginia and they are on Easter Treat savings time!! Max has not been introduced to a lot of candy, etc. I needed some large plastic eggs to hide for him on Easter Sunday Dinner, and the only ones I could find were ones holding lots of candies. I bought the eggs. Dumped all of the candy into the Easter box I was sending to Ashburn, and I got no complaints from the Virginia Gardners!

03 29 2012

Max spends Thursday and Thursday nights with us during the kids kickball season.  Daddy picks him  up on Friday afternoons.  Never a dull moment with Maxwell!

Max:   (seeing me drop something) Dammit Dammit

me:    oh, don’t say that word.

Max:    Dammit Dammit Dammit

(Nana & Poppa decide to ignore, thinking it will stop)

Max:   Dammit Dammit Dammit
Max:   I sleeping at Bob & Connie’s

Bob:   Call me Poppa or Poppy.  You do not call me Bob

Max:    Ahhhh Dammit Bob!

Friday morning we visited the local Farmer’s Market at Jesse Owens Park, bought Max some organic jam, played on the slides, and then took in breakfast/brunch at a local cafe which, due to the absolute ickiness of my food, shall remain nameless.
Max stands up in the wooden high chair.
Me:  Maxwell, you sit down before you fall.
Max straightens his arms and pulls them behind him.
Max:  I am a birdie.  I flying!
03 30 2012

Meanwhile, back in Virginia, Marluce Andrea turns 6 years old and is treated to a tiara, feather boa, and a pedicure and manicure.  Nothing like a day of beauty!  03 30 2012 MarluceMe?  Well, I spent my days and evenings working on my client accounting, and trying to finish the kitchen island tile work before Easter dinner!

Started design work on my newest Wedding Collection “once Upon a Time”.   I would love to hear your comments!