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albums You have most likely read it here before, but if you missed it – Wednesdays are now Family Dinner night at our house.  The nights change once in a while when Jeffry and Kerri begin new kickball seasons.  For now, Wednesday it is.  Tonight was Retro Diner themed.  Max and I shopped at the local party store for some plates and napkins and mini banana split cups.  (Okay, they are really plastic martini cups, but you make do with what you find.  And since we are not a martini imbibing family, no one seemed to notice anyway!)

The announcement was made on the new family chalkboard mounted right on our front door.  (Doesn’t everyone have a chalkboard on their front door??).  And the most important part of the announcement – Bow Ties are required.


Max and I worked on making 5 bow ties from scrapbook paper and jewels!  Max’s favorite part of this Camp Nana project was cutting paper.  And then cutting some more paper.  And, well, then cutting a bit more paper.  He makes great confetti!  We set the table with retro blue and pink plates and napkins and silverware, atop the 1950’s tablecloth we found the day before.  We even put markers out for everyone to enjoy writing on the tablecloth.  Dinner was finally served with hamburgers plated with lettuce, tomato and onion using the style of the Woolworth’s counter service on Main Street of Grand Junction.  Home made fries (note:  if you want to make homemade fries, google the recipe from Guy Fieri – but remember to add some prep time because these things take a while to brown up!)., cheese pizza and grilled cheese were also on the menu.  Even Abby got to dine on some organic mac ‘n cheese, just like her big brother.  Max had milk while the adults enjoyed old-fashioned bottled root beer and creme soda.

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The evening ended with mini banana splits where Max was treated to his first ever spray of whipped cream right into the mouth!

I urge you to try a retro diner dinner – although this was more work than most of the other dinners, it was worth the fun.

Ser up your own retro dinner, and until then, HAPPY TRAILS TO YOU….UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN! 

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My WEEK in Review

Almost finished Mateo’s Birthday Adventure.  While his birthday is actually on February 10th (Gee, the nicest people seem to be born in February, don’t you think?), he will actually have his Birthday Adventure, commonly known as the Escape to Arlington, on Saturday February 16th.

Here is a sneak peek:  tickets to a kids improv comedy show, dinner at the Metro 29 as featured on Diner’s Drive Ins and Dives on Food Network with Guy Fieri (we dined there several times when we lived back there and it was excellent every time!) and custom cookies from Monster Cookies being delivered to Mateo and his dinner guests!

pancakes and milk shakes and french fries, OH MY
Cha Ching has an envelope behind with the dinner money!
Mario Bros / Luigi custom cookies will be delivered to
Mateo for his guests to enjoy!

Jeffry and I were treated to Birthday Dinner at Mays Counter Chicken & Waffles – a new diner here in Tucson!  Thank you Kerri and Maxwell and Abigail for a lovely evening.

By the way, the ladies from GJHS class of ’70 and I have made a pact.  60 is as old as we are getting.  This year and every year will be my 60th.  A deal is a deal!

Maxwell and I made LUV BUGS as our Friday Family Dinner place cards this week.  I peeled off the sticky backing while Maxwell placed everything just so!  He really did a nice job and always is so proud of himself when he completes a “job”.

We also had a great idea to make the entire back patio Valentine’s Hearts.  And by the we, I mean that Max told me what color to use and where to draw the heart.  He was sick and tired of having to wipe chalk from his hands.  “You do it, Nana”.

To top off a pretty nice week, I won this beauty from ReChique on FB:
I found this great book at OfficeMax for only $5 and Max cannot get enough of it!  Poppa has read it twice, Nana three times, and his mommy has read it four times.  This is what people in other states call a jackpot – here in Arizona it is known as a GONGA!

For the rest of the week, I have planned on playing accounting catch up!  Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!