and so there I was,

So excited because my first Shutterfly 8″x8″ photo book that I designed just came in the mail today. All the effort! All the time!! And it only covers the first 3 months of 2010. Oh my goodness. It must have 100 photos. So much more to do.
Bob brings in the mail on his way home from work, and oooh, an envelope from cousin Carolyn. This should be fun! A few photos to look at and then a disk. I place it in the computer and begin at the first item which is a lovely letter from cousin Carolyn explaining how she and Uncle Ray began this project of scanning and noting photos that they located in her childhood home. Reading further. Seems like Ms. I do everything big or I do not do it at all, has cataloged about seventy thousand bajillion photos and documents from her two sides of family history AND has made disks for several relatives to share. This is wonderful. Bob returns to the living room after his shower and I hold up my little 8×8 inch book – about 1/4″ thick and ooh and ahh and say “oh honey, did you see my little photo album I designed?” “Uh, yeah. Saw most of them on Flickr. hey, what’s this?” as he sits at my computer and begins with the, “this is amazing – she did all of this? Wow. I love this. This is extraordinary”
Yeah, yeah, already. We all know that Ms. Super Mom Doting Daughter Auntie’s Favorite Loving Sister Tall Cousin first Yogita Bear of National Parks in the whole entire world is ambitious. Got it! Does she have to put us all to shame with this absolutely wonderful and selfless project?
I, for one, am thrilled she did. Cousin Carolyn, most accomplished cousin of the bunch (sorry cousins, but you know it’s true) you have truly outdone yourself this time. I am in a mad dash to finish sales taxes and payroll reports so I can add much of this to my family ties blog, and I cannot wait to get started.
You know, you are okay. Even if you never would play dolls with me.
Thank you from the depths of my heart for taking on this project, and for sharing it. (Um, still waiting on Auntie Kay to send me the Gdovin genealogy info she put together about 25 years ago! Perhaps you could hang out with her a bit more!)
Love and Gratitude from Virginia!
gdovin george thomas,carolyn rae
Carolyn Rae in the arms of Grandpa George Thomas Gdovin.


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