DAYS 9 thru 11 – VACATION

“My idea of heaven still is to drive the gravel farm roads of Umbria and Tuscany, very pleasantly lost.” 
― Frances Mayes, Under the Tuscan Sun

Toscana … Tuscany … whatever you call it, this region of Italy is stunningly dressed in every kind of green you can imagine. From her head to her toes, she is the quiet diva of Italy. After the hectic rush of the cities, she sneaks up on your soul and you instantly feel at home. Your body begins to relax and your mind is calm. Ah yes. THIS is the stuff dreams are made of. For mere dollars, you can buy a dilapidated home if you promise to rebuild/restore it within a designated time frame. Do not think I wasn’t tempted. There were times when the daydreams took over and I was outside of myself, cheerfully painting and hammering away.

Our VRBO was a gorgeous home from top to bottom. Beautiful natural gardens filled in with roses and statues. Little places tucked away for reading and taking photos, giving us little or no reason to roam too far!

Leaving Umbria in the beautiful region of Toscana, left me rather sad. It was one of the only times I have completely slept through the night since the death of my husband. I was rested. I was calm. I felt my heart and soul at peace. I wanted it to last. But after three days in sheer paradise, it was time to move on. I reluctantly succumbed to my sister’s repeated request to get into the car. And we were off to Florence – Firenze!