Day 8 Vacation in Capri, Italy

“There was a magical timelessness to Capri A special atmosphere, and a sense of history.” 
― Kitty Pilgrim, Summer of Fire

What can I say except that Capri was everything I expected and more. A gorgeous view as the ferry slowly made it’s way to the isle. The smell of the water and the sea air was fairy-tale like. And of course … the shopping. It’s not a myth, people. The shopping there is the stuff of which shopping dreams are made. The famous Capri watches (my new one has a pink band and crystals for each number) … the designer handbags (my Valentino bag is pink with three other shades of pink on the side insets and is yummy) … as well as the obligatory I need to buy a tote bag from every place I have ever been adorable canvas tote. Maybe two.

The sweet smell of the water just makes the shopping and the sightseeing and the food all the better. One of the most relaxing days ever. Well, other than the fact that the tickets we bought on line for 115 Euros were not valid and the Ferry Port worker had never seen anything like them before. So, we got to buy more tickets and cross our fingers for a refund!

Image result for jackie kennedy in capri
it is no wonder why Jackie Kennedy loved Capri so much.