Gardner Family Picture

Gardner Family Picture
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A whole new world awaits …
Aracely – 9 years
Angeles – 3 years (10 months older than Mateo)
Mateo – 3 years
Marluce – 1 year
Itzel – 5 years

Wow. I am so proud of Ricky & Katia for taking this on. They have a true perspective of what family means.

Puerto Peñasco

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… Rocky Point Mexico to Arizonians. Blue skies, ocean breezes, (okay, sometimes ocean winds!), Jimmy Buffet on the cd player – what could be better than that? We made our way to the hotel Peñasco el Sol and into a lovely suite with arches and sea colors, and not much hot water or water pressure, which is common there, but somehow, it is just not that big of a deal. As the elevator door opens to the lobby, we catch our first glimpse of the newest members of the family. The dark hair and the perfect skin and the smiling eyes are unmistakeably Katia’s! We are showered with hugs and kisses and greetings in Spanish. Kisses on the cheek are accompanied with “Buenos Tardes” – good afternoon. Already we are in love!