5-5-07 day 2 in Pto Peñasco

Our little condo rental was so comfy, but it was time to head out to see the family. Katia’s family had brought a camper to the beach rv resort and rented a space for 2 days. Now other children had joined the family party; Berla, Blueberry (Ramon Jr), Cynthia, and a host of others. We brought the five grandchildren fold out chairs with attached umbrellas, and they were quite the hit. Mateo saw a dark green one amongst 4 pinks, and quickly claimed it as his! He is catching on!! The day was filled with beach and sea and too much food (okay – and a couple of strawberry daiquiri’s). All the kids came into the camper later in the day so we could decorate cupcakes for all of the adults who had April and May birthdays, and Mother’s Day (which is celebrated on May 10th in Mexico).The two birthday girls, Angeles & Itzel donned their birthday crowns and got the party started. Several people also brought gifts for Aracely since she had no party in December for her birthday. Wrapping paper flew and little giggles were heard and lots of both the American Happy Birthday song and the Mexican Happy Birthday song were sung into the darkness of night. Mateo fell asleep in my arms after en exhausting day of playing, gathering shells, and eating cupcakes and frosting. What a life! Fireworks from all around the beach topped of the night and we were soon back at the condo to look at the thousands of photos Grandpa had snapped. Old family, new family, Mexico and Arizona and California family – and this is how it should be. This is what THIS Grandma loves!
Angels can jump, too!
Originally uploaded by Connie.

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