day 3 in Puerto Peñasco

2007 May Rocky Point 782
Originally uploaded by Connie.

On our way to Sunday Brunch with the lil kids, guess who we ran in to?? We really enjoyed a family meal, shared lots of laughs (mostly about the way I tried to respond to people in Spanish), and relished the “our time” part of the day. Afterwards, Abuelo and Tia Kerri drove over to pick the girls up from Katia’s house. Kerri returned with the softest smile on her face and the words. “I’m in love. How cute are those girls??” Not surprising, given that Kerri is the best I have witnessed at interacting with children. We played with the girls on the beach and then left them to Kerri and Jeffry so they could get acquainted. We went to sight see around the area for a bit, back to the resort to don some dry clothing, and returned to the rv resort to enjoy the sights and sounds of family. Mateo and Marluce soon joined the festivities, and the task of entertaining this Abuelita. This was our last day of family for this trip and I was already wiping tearful eyes as it got closer to going home time.

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