a weekend with a teenage granddaughter

Tristan spent last weekend with us. Grandpa picked her up from school and they came home laughing and smacking each other and generally, BOTH acting like teenagers! We shopped. Tristan and Grandpa argued over who had to help with what in the kitchen after dinner. We played with Mateo. Poor Marluce was sick and would barely raise her little head from the sofa to look up. Taking Mateo shopping in Mervyn’s where not a cart was in sight – was really a challenge. He held my hand most of the time, and as we walked by racks of clothing, he would grab a hanger with a shirt in a milli-second! He could be a magician. Then with his back to a rack of men’s shirts, he looked up at me, flatly stated “I’ll be wight back”, and did a tiny little shuffle backwards with his feet, hands at his side, until he completely disappeared in the clothing. All that could be seen was his shoes. He stayed there for a few moments, and then casually walked out and took my hand, as if that was just a normal thing for anyone to do in Mervyn’s. Tristan and I caught up on some much needed Gilmore Girls, when she wasn’t taking goofy photos with her Grandpa’s new camera. Even after she laughed at our pictures, Grandpa still allowed her to drive my car to Honey Mesquite! She thinks she is such big stuff behind the wheel.

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