I am going to write my story

Yes, it’s true. I have started several short stories about my life and the people and things in it. I have much to say (what a surprise) and much that needs to be said. It is time to take a few minutes each week and record it on paper. Not sure if anyone is going to find it interesting, but this will be my story, in, mostly, my words and on my terms. The beauty of life and the ugliness of the same life. It will serve as my therapy. Get ready.

4 thoughts on “I am going to write my story

  1. I have taught classes on writing your life history. If you are interested I’ll scan the worksheets and email them to you. I recorded my mom’s history when she was 72 and it has been such a joy to read it over and over. It has also come in handy when I did the eulogy at two of my sister’s funerals.


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