Happy Birthday, Janet!

October 23rd is Janet LaCount’s Birthday. Her name, last I knew, was Janet Tezak, but I met her in 1954 when she was 3 year old Janet LaCount and I was 2 year old Connie Gdovin on North 18th Street in Grand Junction, Colorado. We became inseparable right at the start. We lived on the same block with only 2 houses in between ours. We were together almost every day. We began dance class together at a very young age and later on had a duet dance team. Our parents were friends and played cards every week. I was either at her house or she at mine constantly. When her family took a special vacation and she was gone for 2 weeks, we thought we would never see each other again! Our families went camping together and Janet’s mom taught us how to cook bananas over the fire. We even played like we enjoyed them! We had Barbie Doll houses made out of all kinds of cardboard boxes and TupperWare taking up entire living rooms. Janet was the first person I ever knew to have one of the first aluminum Christmas trees with the color spotlight that turned around making the tree appear to be different colors. We were our own little clique but once in a while would allow others to join our fun, like Susie Baker and others. We basically had the same routine for over 10 years. When, in Junior High, the world just gets bigger and people grow apart. Later on, Ricky was friends with her son, Matt Tezak and once in a while they would play together, since their grandmas only lived a couple houses apart. I have no idea what Janet does now or where she lives. But, Janet, if you’re out there – Happy Birthday!
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