Wonders of Technology!


Here I am sitting at the kitchen table with my pink Dell laptop at my side. Er, front. Through the features of SKYPE, I can sit in Tucson and read a story to my Grandbabies in Virginia and show them pictures in the book and watch their faces as they watch mine.

What you do not see is Mateo is lying on the bed, quite attentive to the story. All of a sudden, Marluce is standing behind him pulling his hair with both of her tiny little hands with all of her might. Still, Mateo lies still and listens to Grandma. Until Marluce make a bit of a ruckus and, well, the ambiance is sort of lost. Not to worry – I love watching them and listening to them no matter what they do! I am lovin’ the SKYPE and I believe it should be a federal law that all grand kids and grandmas must have SKYPE!!

That being said, I am going to buy a couple of story time books to share.

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