Hi, Quinn. I am your Grandma.

My first time meeting this little one and she has exceeded all expectations! She is bright and antsy and funny and gorgeous. She so resembles Tristan at the same age.

She is a princess with her pink accessories and baby dolls galore, and in a second changes into a tiny tomboy, hopping on a little four wheeler and high tailing it down the road. She can certainly hold her own in a card game of Uno, also. She dotes on her brother, Chase, and he returns the favor. He remains quiet and patient as she tugs at him and gives him orders and climbs all over him. They are certainly a good compliment. If Adam, her step dad, goes to the hardware store or the auto parts store, she is first in the car to ride along – and normally comes home with a small tool or part of some sort. She IS the all around American Girl and I have no doubt that there will be one of those dolls modeled after her!

As the saying goes, she had me at hello.

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