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After a three year absence from our lives, we were happily able to reconnect with our oldest Grandson, Cristopher Chase, in North Carolina. He is the same funny, smart kid that we remembered – only older and much taller! He entertained us with his antics and humor. He is interested in Chess and science and so we picked him up a little Chess game and I had to quickly brush up on my (very old) skills from when I played against my Dad at a young age. Okay, so he had to correct me on a few moves, but I held my own! We also picked up the board game “Quelf” and had a blast playing with the kids, Sherrie, and one of Chase’s friends. When you see Chase, ask him about how Grandma got to play the part of the announcer on the plane and how he had to portray the flight attendant showing how to buckle the seat belts, put on the oxygen mask, and show the exits. Of course, you could also ask Chase’s Grandpa to show you how he (Grandpa) had to dance like a ballerina!

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