Thru the Window in the Kitchen …

Mommy and Daddy are shopping. Grandpa is at work. Mateo is watching a movie. Marluce is in an “I’m so excited for Christmas and I just don’t know what to do” phase and is running circles around Grandma. Glancing around the kitchen, Grandma spies the still 20″ high snow drifts on the deck lining the patio door. Marluce sets to work with a little guidance and the assist of some Tupperware and one of Mommy’s really nice stainless cooking pots and quickly makes her snow family. Daddy has three Rolaids for his mouth and popcorn kernel eyes. Mateo has a purple cup for a hat and almonds for eyes. Marluce has one of her whoppas (hair decor) to stick on her snow girl’s head, and Mommy has a necklace, a star mouth, and pink and purple squiggly straws for her arms. And we never even left the kitchen floor. All we had to do was slide the door open, and the snow was right there at our disposal! Marluce was quite proud and is whooping out a great big “ta-daaaaaaaaaaaaaa” to show off her designs.

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