Hello from Virginia

A very cold Virginia, I might add. I am adjusting to my new surroundings. Learning to distinguish a child’s cry of pain or genuine sadness from the “I think if I cry then I can tattle on my brother/sister and grandma will think it is real” cries. Waking up to the gentle (okay, maybe not so gentle) pitter patter of little feet and small voices calling out to mommy or daddy is the best kind of morning alarm.
We are expecting snow again for three days, so I am wondering if I will ever get to drive the “new” car. I will not drive on ice and snow if I don’t have to, so … Today the wind is absolutely tearing an icy chill through the area. I had forgotten just how cold the weather can be. Spoiled after living in Arizona for 24 years, I guess.
Bob will find out which Goodyear store will be his permanent home for the future at the beginning of the new year, He is being considered for three different locations (all within the DC metro area) and he is pleased with all three, so whatever the decision, it seems it will be a good one.
I think I have my temporary office surroundings figured out and almost organized. Strange after having a large office to downsize, but I think that is kind of the nature of the economy right now anyway. I am learning to deal with it. Loving my Skype video calls from Jeffry and Kerri to show me the new house and their decorating talents!
Very excited for the baby shower for Kerri Anne in January and of course, the arrival of the newest little Gardner Baby Boy in March. Lots of wonderful blessings to look forward! Hoping to have more contact with the Grandchildren in North Carolina and Tennessee, but so far – not so much. I guess when/if they are ready, it will happen. In the meantime, they know I love them and want them all to be safe and happy.
Bob begins a 5 day work week (something he has not experienced in several years) in January and so Wednesday will be our date and exploring the area day and Sundays will be relaxing and family day. Looking forward to some midweek dates of movies and new sites to see and places to go.
Hope all of my friends and family are having a wonderful holiday season and urging you all to keep in touch!
Hugs from me to you!

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