Out of the Mouths of Virginia Babes

Frequently, when Mateo returns home from Kindergarten, I will greet him with

“What’s cookin’, Good lookin’?” He normally grins and replies with something like “a cheese sandwich” or “Mom’s making me a quesadila”. The other phrase I greet him with “Hey Handsome!” He blushes and grins and says “Hi, Grandma”.

The other day he was bouncing up the stairs and I asked him “Hey kid – how was school?” He replies … “handsome,” catches himself and looks up at me sheepishly with “I mean, Great!”

Bob has had a bad outbreak of eczema on his arms and legs. The other day Marluce grabbed his arm and Grandpa said “oh, Marluce. Please don’t do that – I have a rash and it hurts”. Without missing a beat, Marluce queries “Because you didn’t wipe good?”

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