From the Deserts to the Oceans White with Foam …

Megan just noticed that Jeffry was still wearing Kerri’s sunglasses he had donned as a joke!
a Beautiful New Gardner Family
Baby Max’s family (er, part of it) Uncle, Auntie, Grandma, Grandma, Maxwell, Grandpa, Mommy & Daddy
Reid Park on Mother’s Day with MY baby!

God Bless America, my Home sweet Home!

Seems as though there is never enough time to spend with family and friends and new grand babies and old friends and wonderful kids. I do treasure each and every moment that I spent with Jeffry, Kerri, Max and Elway in their beautiful, comfortable home. We all started out with the best of intentions to take long walks each day. Well, we made a couple three walks happen – one even to Lakeside Park so Megan could take a break from her hectic life and relax on the swings for a bit. The time was filled with visits, hugs, meeting new friends (SO nice to meet you Lampards and Claussens!) and re-connecting with Kyle’s family, and Maggie and Chris, and my ever faithful Target store on Old Spanish Trail. Jeffry and Kerri, I cannot thank you enough for sharing your home AND your DVR TMZ shows. I am not going to record any, myself. Want to save that experience when I spend time with you! In a nutshell, what a wonderful time, and other than spending more time and connecting with some dear friends (and you know who you are!!) I would not change a moment of my trip. Until the next time, XOXOMAX & MOMMY
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