Wegman’s … continued

Wegman’s is a grocery store. Sort of. And a Friday Night Family movie gathering place. Oh – and a cafe with an Asian Food Buffet, Pizza bar, $6 meal deals, salad bar and fresh food bar. And, oh yeah – a sushi and seafood bar where you stroll by a couple who looks as though they are on a first date, awaiting their seafood platter and sipping white wine, while on your way to aisle 3.
It’s a phenomena, really. Maybe not. But you have to admit, it IS quite novel. Kids ask to go there. Alec Baldwin talks about his Mother’s Wegman’s loyalty factor on the Late Show with David Letterman. And now people refer to the store as THE Wegman’s and not just Wegman’s (you know, like THE Donald).

Wegman’s. You kind of have to see it for yourself. And see it you will. As you look at the horizon, the stores are easily located by their trademark white and brick steeple!

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