Real Housewives

Yeah – I will admit I watch all of the Housewives – Atlanta, New York, New Jersey, Orange County, and even the Desperate Ones!! Tonight is the Reunion of the New York Ladies months after the season finale. And to make it even better, it is hosted by Andy Cohen and I LOVE that guy!! With that being said – I have questions!

Will Kelly get voice therapy so she doesn’t enter every room with “hiyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy” (insert high pitched whine here) and will she finally admit that she is crazy?

Sonja is new. So far, her notable trait is running her hands thru her hair all during dinner, conversation, events, and who knows what else?

Luann was a countess. Then she wasn’t.

And she has got, well let’s just say –
guts. Big brass guts! I love her & her
“Money Can’t Buy You Class” song.

Alex is married to Simon. She posed nude.
She like to vacation in France. She is a bit odd
but seems harmless.

Jill’s best friend was Bethenny. Jill got angry at Bethenny. Jill told Bethenny that she didn’t want to be her friend anymore.
Now she’s mad at Bethenny because Bethenny doesn’t want to be Jill’s friend anymore.

Ramona is so cute.
She talks. She talks
a LOT. But she is
a fun talker. So it’s

This is Bethenny. She is a published Chef. Kelly likes to call her a cook just because Kelly is not all there, if you know what I mean. I like her. She is also gutsy. She is cute and emotional and pregnant and successful. Jill makes her cry. And that makes me sad.

There you have it. Now, I must go and ready myself for the Reunion. And, then on to the New Jersey ladies!!

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