Camp GRANDMA 2010

Grandma’s Summer Camp 2010 begins this week for Mateo y Marluce. One day a week, Katia is bringing the kids by for 4 hours of Summer Day Camp fun! We are going to learn camp songs; go on walking field trips; have fun with arts & crafts; and learn new games. They each received a Camp Packet & Newsletter as well as Name Tags for the first day at Camp. On day one, they will receive their Grandma’s Summer Camp 2010 T-shirts to wear each week. These T’s can get dirty and painted on and end up with markers of all colors.
The first day they are to bring a paper with a word written on it (Mommy and Daddy will help them with the writing) that is funny to them – My word is PICKLE and Pickle sounds funny when you say it. We are going to have a fun time with our “funny” words. I am so excited to spend this special time with them.

Stay tuned for updates on our Summer Camp in Virginia!

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2 thoughts on “Camp GRANDMA 2010

  1. How neat! Are you sure this is for the kids, or is it more for GRANDMA!! I knew you never really grew up.(hee-hee) Sounds like a neat idea, I'm sure you will have a great time with it. Wish Venton Joe lived closer, so I could do more things like that when the kids get older. Who knows, maybe by then, they will be closer to me. For now, I will just have to take time to go and see them! I am sure looking forward to going out in August. I will probably be leaving around the 3rd of August, as they don't expect her to go more than 36 weeks. She is 32 weeks along today. Well, should I say, they are hoping she will get to 34-36 weeks!! Love you, and have a great time with your Camp Grandma!!Lori Corporon


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