What did you do on your First Day of Camp?

“Look Grandma. I made an Apple Smile”

I greeted my little campers (aka Mateo y Marluce) at the front door and as we walked to our apartment, I explained to them how, in the living room, were ten items that just looked silly being in a living room and they needed to find all ten of them. I knew they would like this game as they like any game where they have to “find” stuff. Well, as soon as I opened the door, they were off and running – “a sock on the door knob – that’s silly!”; “an apple doesn’t go on a fan!” and on and on. I was so happy that they loved the little game, but a tad insulted when they started picking up other items that I had in the room for decor purposes, belting out a hearty laugh and talking about how silly it was to have that item in the living room!

After the find the silly things game, the campers were presented with their custom made t-shirts which they promptly put on and began asking, “hey grandma – can we take these home??” After donning the proper attire, Mateo looks around and queries “Grandma, is this where we are going to have camp?” Yes, Mateo. “Hmmmm”, as he peruses the apartment. “I thought there would be more people!” Marluce “Hey, this is NOT camp”. Yes it is Marluce. This is your camp! “Then, where are the marshmallows??” I guess we will need to make s’mores next camp day.

We played “GO FISH” card games, and did some worksheets in their new activity books. Magically made blue stars appear by painting over the special books with special markers. We made tambourines with jingle bells inside paper plates and they had to learn their camp song – which they loved. Why did they love it? Because. It is the song that never ends …
“this is the song that never ends, it just goes on and on my friends,

some people started singing it not knowing what it was.

And they’ll continue singing it forever just because,
this is the song that never ends, it just goes on and on ……………………..”

I think you get the picture! They had a ball marching through the apartment banging on the tambourines and laughing and singing. We played “Scrabble word Cheez-Its” and when they wanted to eat one of the baked treats, they had to announce the letter imprinting on the snack and give a word that contained that letter. They seemed to be stuck on the S and “snake” since Mateo got it the first round. Marluce would only look for “s”, holler out “SNAKE” and cram the cheez-it right in her mouth!

We took a field trip walking through the neighborhood and checking out the businesses that were open (and some that were not). All in all a fun day – until we got back home and I realized I could no longer put any weight on my right foot. My knee had swollen and inch and a half all the way around and I couldn’t help but scream when I tried to walk. Marluce ran over in her caring and tender way and asked “oh grandma, are you all right??” Mateo came right over and announced matter of fact “You probably broke a bone.” (I am on my third day on crutches now – getting better each day and should be ready for camp next Thursday!)

Somebody needs to work on his bedside manner. Hrumph.

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