Lucy, you got some ‘splaining to do!

I have been quite remiss on journals on my blog and updating events.  Well, that’s about to change as I catch up January through May!

January is always a little too quiet for me after the Christmas Season (which begins for me on Thanksgiving).  I have heavy accounting in January and not much time for anything else.  Bob took a few bike rides and photographed flowers and old barns.  Look for a new poster on my Zazzle sight of the barns he has captured to date.  I think he finds these so interesting for the same reason I like to photograph Churches.  There is that curiosity about what is going on behind those walls.  Little stories swirl around our minds as we picture the horses in the barn or the families in the church.  Imagination is a wonderful thing and you get to bring your imagination to life when you are lucky enough to have a hubby who envisions life through a lens. 

February brought me way too close to 60 (okay, next year – but that comes quickly).  We celebrated Jeffry and my birthdays via Skype.  For those of you who are not informed as to our family dynamic – Jeffry was born on my 32nd birthday.  Best present EVER!  100 Peruvian lilies from my brother, Mark & sister in law, Jane.    
We celebrated Mateo’s 7th (yes, SEVENTH!) birthday at our place with family and friends. Bowling and video games at King Pinz, just down the street.  and the walk back to the apartment is never complete without a peek in the windows of Tiny Toes Ballet Studio!   Mommy stacked a sky high cake (delicious) pizza and sub sandwiches were served (also delicious) and just being with family made for a day of complete perfection.
I did not get the notice that the jumping on the bed contest  was on!
Marluce turned FIVE years old on March 30th.  We celebrated a few days later by reserving the entire media room at our complex – huge screen, soundproof, lounge seating and places to eat.  I brought some teriyaki meatballs and BBQ meatballs and pizza and Katia brought cake.  I set up a concession stand for Mateo, Marluce, Valeria and Estevan.  I made them little tickets that they could trade for a treat to eat while we watched Marluce’s new video “Tangled”.  Kyle and Rick and Carlos played pool and foosball in the rec room while Megan cheered them on!  Grandpa and I so enjoyed the movie – it was absolutely adorable.  And the company was wonderful.
April 5th was our 40th anniversary.  The following Sunday we celebrated by touring the Jefferson memorial and people watching in DC.  I don’t think I could ever get enough of the beautiful area.
Early May we attended the Loudoun County Hunt Club  Pony Trials and got to see some dressage and jumping and general training.  Horses were gorgeous, grounds were breathtaking, and watching the riders – a joy.  It’s a whole different world out here and we are trying to experience as much of it as we possibly can.  
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