i HEART georgetown

I fell in love with Georgetown the first time Ricky and Katia took me there.  We stepped out of the car to walk the sidewalks and I marveled as the buildings turned from 4 story down to 1 story and a modern Pottery Barn to quaint little mom and pop shops with our final destination – Ben & Jerry’s!  Quaint is fun, but no sense in suffering.

Anyway, I digress.  The hubs and I had a Sunday afternoon date in Georgetown.  Spending around 3 hours walking around the town photographing doors (me) and architecture, people and plants with an additional hour for a lunch break at Uno’s. 

As usual, hundreds of people lined up to buy a cupcake from the DC Cupcake Girls.
The main reason for the walk down N Street was so I could see the house where Senator John Kennedy & Jackie lived up until President Kennedy was elected and moved into the White House.
Started getting a bit rainy, so it was time to pack up the camera and head home.  Not before getting a couple of photos of the Georgetown home where Jackie Kennedy and her children lived for about a year after the assassination of President John Kennedy.
Did I mention that I LOVE Georgetown.
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