Maxwell travels to Virginia

This is the day I had been awaiting!  Baby Maxwell was coming to visit Grandma and Grandpa in Virginia.   The booster seat was set up and ready for his dining enjoyment.  The fish shaped pool was inflated and filled with almost 300 soft plastic balls of all colors.  Fresh fruit filled the refrigerator and a couple of brand new toys were ready to entertain.  Maxwell was greeted with a couple of the colorful balls tossed here and there in the hallway en route to our apartment and I could hear the toddler cry of “BALL!”  in the air.  By the time he reached our doorway, he wasn’t really sure about coming in … until he saw the pool filled with plastic balls.  He was thrilled with that and it took no time at all for the entire floor to become a display of red, blue, green,orange and yellow bubbles. 

After a bit of visiting and lunching, the three Mundles left with the Gardner Daughter in Law for the Leesburg Outlet Stores.  Maxwell stayed behind to get reacquainted with the Gardner Grandparents.  We read a story and we played and we took walks.  He pushed every button in the arcade at King Pinz. 

He is such a little charmer and absolutely easy to look after.  When I walked, he toddled right behind.  Made me teary as I recalled my own little guys tagging along through the house so many years ago.  If Grandpa went somewhere, he wanted to follow.  When he saw Grandpa peel a banana, he ran to the booster seat and knocked furiously until I picked him up and settled him in. 
After a quick dip in the fish pool out on the balcony, the little guy was so exhausted, he fell asleep on the sofa between Grandma and Grandpa.  Didn’t wake up until it was time for him to make the drive back to Arlington.
The house was very still after Maxwell’s departure.  This joyful little blond package with a smile on his face and crystal blue eyes, made our quiet apartment come to life for the hours he was here.  He cuddles.  He squeals in delight.  I wanted to hide him and keep him forever.  How lucky Jeffry and Kerri must feel every morning when they awake to that toddler’s precious face.
PS  He had the owie before he got here!!
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