Mixed Blessings

Blessings come in all shapes and sizes and with some complications.  I guess that is why they are generally spoken of as mixed Blessings!  When we moved to Virginia almost two years ago, we had no idea of some of the challenges that were coming our way.  Nor did we ever expect the miracle that was offered. 

We knew that Bob would need a kidney transplant sometime in the future – maybe 5-10 years down the road.  Needless to say, that future came quickly and at full force when a year ago Bob was in full end stage renal failure and was put on daily dialysis and disability.  Through the surgeries for the dialysis implant (2 of them) and trips to the ER (one resulting in an 8 day stay for peritonitis), Bob has remained in good spirits and hopeful for a transplant while I, true to my nature, have whined about the unfairness of it all and wah wah wah.

We have been able to spend some time with the gentle grandson, Mateo and the ever entertaining Marluce, and Ricky and Katia.  Not to say that Mateo is not also entertaining! (Mateo was reading the label on a spray cleaner he noticed in our bathroom.  He relayed to his parents and us that what a good idea that was since the bottle said kills flu germs and thought that would be a good idea to spray on people so they wouldn’t get sick!)  We had holidays with Megan and Kyle and birthday parties and just plain fun, and even TWO visits from the Tucson Mundles!  We went to a horse show and wandered up and down streets in Leesburg and Alexandria and Georgetown snapping photos of doors.  I love doors.

I sat on the steps of the Jefferson Memorial and wrote.  Bob bicycled around the trail on the edge of the Potomac.  We got a lot in, but still have so much more to see.  But that is for another time.
I received a text message from Jeffry one morning stating that one of Bob’s Tucson customers said that he wanted to donate a kidney to Bob.  He was chatting with Jeffry and the subject came up and Jeffry made some comment about his dad’s blood type being an O+ to which the customer replied that he was an O blood type and he would be happy to donate a kidney.  We were all flabbergasted that someone who really is an acquaintance from a former time, would casually state that he would donate a kidney.  I mean, this should have been a Lifetime movie of the week or Touched by an Angel or something!
In any event, we will be moving back to Tucson where, hopefully, all systems will be go for a transplant in September.  Such a truly selfless act deserves a little consideration for the donor, such as not forcing him to travel back and forth to Virginia at great expense and not having his family and friends near during recovery.  And, let’s face it, moving back to Tucson is not a great sacrifice when you consider the time we will spend with Maxwell and his family and the Mundles and lots of good friends of many years.  Looking forward to re-establishing our relationship with our church that I have so missed.
Leaving Mateo and Marluce will be difficult.  I so enjoy having them around.  But, look out Max!  Here comes the other Grandma!!  Cannot wait to cuddle with that little blond bundle on a daily basis.
Mixed Blessings.  Gracious giving.  Life is good.

Watch for our travel blog entries!

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