visit from a Granddaughter

Tristan visits LeesburgTristan visits LeesburgTristan visits LeesburgTristan visits LeesburgAlways a treat to see our first Granddaughter, but especially meaningful that Tristan (19 next month!!) drove 3 hours and 40 minutes, to be exact, to visit us before we head back to Arizona. She is such a beautiful and thoughtful young lady.Grandma does like to spoil, so I simply had to take her to Charming Charlies where we found the perfect headwear and accessory! I have been buying her outfits since she bounced into our lives at the age of 2, so why change now? I think I get that from my Grandma Tabor who bought me an outfit every time she came to Grand Junction, or we visited her in Denver. It’s in the genes!Gramps and I miss her and love her very much. She recently passed her state boards as a CNA and is working on getting into a university to become an RN. She can do it.Until next time, my Tristan Lee Sassy Marie! XOXO

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