Passing through Louisville, Kentucky

 Louisville today is best known as the location of the Kentucky Derby, the first of three annual thoroughbred horse races making up the Triple Crown.

It has been raining on and off in Kentucky this morning and early afternoon, losing some of the mugginess (is that a word?) and the heat that has been so intense since we began our journey.  Very pleasant outdoors now.  Have I mentioned the green out here?  The hundreds of shades of green from the yellow green all the way up to such a dark green, you would swear that it is almost black.
Seriously, did you think that I would be in Louisville Kentucky and NOT see Churchill Downs?  I am a Kentucky Derby enthusiast – some might say fanatic.  The television goes on at 8a.m. on Derby Day.  Commercials are filled with housework and the rest of the time I am listening to interviews, scanning the fancy hats and picking my horse to win and go forth to dominate the Triple Crown.  I do not know all of the history of the horses, but am familiar with a lot of the players in this short story every May known as the Kentucky Derby.  I sing the theme song with them – loudly.  I revel in the victory of the jockey and the horse.  And, as quickly as the gates are opened, the race is over.  As they say, the most exciting 2 minutes of sports.  And I was there.  Sort of.

On our way to Afton, Oklahoma!
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