from Fairview Heights IL to Oklahoma

Passing through St Louis Missouri, I spotted a distinguished old gentleman of a boarded up building and immediately my mind was envisioning the re-emergence of this office and warehouse building into a grand loft apartment building.  Makes me sick to see such beauty covered with boards and left to the elements and the taggers.  There should be a law. 

I thought the arch to St Louis actually DID something – like maybe introduced a bridge entrance or something grand.  It just sits there.  A big old arch of steel.  It’s pretty, but I mean it just sits there!

Now we end our day’s journey in Afton, Oklahoma (Grand Lake on Monkey Island).  I checked.  No monkeys.  But a beautiful resort and staying in a small condo is way nicer than a hotel.  Thanks, Chris Mundle!  Even had a washer and dryer and we did a bit of laundry, ate dinner and then zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Did I mention the toll roads in Oklahoma?  $5.50, $5.75, and EVEN $9.75 tolls!!
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