A loud siren wails in the air as we are packing the car and getting ready to leave Oklahoma.  Bob immediately inquires of the desk clerk and is reassured that the siren is the noon testing of the tornado warning.  Good to know.  I think there should be a little note or something in your hotel room stating just that, since we are not Oklahoma City citizens.  Needless to say, that gave a bit of a jump start to the day!  A bit later on the highway, the hubs calmly asks, “You know what this area is called, right”.

Me: “no”

Hubs:  “This is called tornado alley!”

Then he goes on to explain what the cloud formations look like and how he wishes I could see one in person.  All the while, my mouth is gaping open while I swear I can see five or six tornados right in front of me.   He reassures me that I do not.  Thanks honey.

The farmlands that we pass out of Oklahoma are all dried out.  Farm equipment sits abandoned – useless.  Silos and barns empty and forgotten.  Is it water shortage or the economy?  I don’t know.  It’s just so sad to see farms of healthy homegrown food sitting alone and it causes me to wonder about the farming families themselves.  What are they doing? How are they living?  More to the point, how are they emotionally handling the situation? 

Are all of these lands, once beautiful and green and abundant with food for our table – destined to sit, turning to brown and eventually just to dust? Remains to be seen, I guess.

Albuquerque is a welcome sight after driving over 8 hours.  Only time to unpack the necessities, set up the dialysis, shower, and fall into bed.  Tomorrow, we return to our home of 25 years after a 2 year sabbatical.  Tucson.

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