Home again.

Albuquerque, while home to the beautiful Sandia Mountains, is not much to enjoy leaving the city toward Tucson.  Mostly sagebrush and little hills that look like a mini-Mount Garfield and the Bookcliffs of Colorado.  Except they are not.  They just do not have the majesty of Mt Garfield.  However, I am content knowing we will see Jeffry and Kerri and our little Maxwell (I always catch myself smiling when I type the name Maxwell – the name fits him so well!) this evening.  I sit here writing of the journey we have taken, listening to my BeeGees and Beatles and Ray Charles – all of the music my hubs made into cd’s for me, all the while announcing that if he had to listen to my music the entire trip, he would stick a fork in his eyeball.  So far so good.  We have traveled over 2300 miles and not a forked eyeball to be had!

I notice as we get closer to Tucson, the hubs foot gets a bit heavier on the gas pedal.  After about 6 hours of driving, we arrive at Jeffry and Kerri’s house and are greeted by a grinning Maxwell, arms opened wide, waiting for Grandma to hold him.  What a welcome sight and totally worth 6 days in a car!

Tonight, relaxing with the kids and grandbaby Max.  Pure heaven.

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