a Journey into Awesomeness!

home goods 1 Home Goods
What is it about this crazy stuff all over the place store, that can make me spy a metal 3×6 garden bridge from a corner afar; and hear the words actually forced from my mouth “I want a bridge”.  I mean, who needs a bridge?  Everywhere you go, things jump out at you in red and aqua and yellow and lime.  And they are not all nicely arranged in specific categories.  I walk through the kitchen area and see gigantic knives, forks and spoons 3 feet in length (“I want a gigantic three foot long fork” – oops, did I say that out loud?) and mixed in with that is a white hotel style shower curtain – just like the one I have been looking for.  I bought it.  Across the aisle is a life size silver metal bicycle and my mind begins to thumb through that little flip book of ideas I keep in my brain.  I didn’t buy that.  I lose myself in this store – this place that blurs one’s senses in a midst of color and odd items and things you now MUST have and never even knew you needed.  You are an evil one, Home Goods.
See ya next week.

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