Stumped for words

How is it that this blond little tyke can look at you with those crystal blue eyes and you lose the ability to form the words that describe your feelings.  This little guy goes strong all day long.  As soon as I got out of the car on the first day back in Tucson, a smile just filled my heart and two little hands reached out to me.  He toddles after whoever is walking to a place that is different from the place in which he was standing!  He has a gentle little voice and so many adorable little moments of quirkiness.
Me:  Max, do you want some more avocado?
Max shakes his head no.
Me:  Do you want some banana?
Max:  nods his head and whispers “‘kay”
He calls for his Grandpa(s) almost continuously.  “Grmpa…Grmpa”.  And if Grandma says no to something, he makes a beeline for his Grandpa!
This is going to be fun!

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