A Look Back at my Week

I spent morning hours of each day this week in the garage, combing through bins and boxes and sorting keepsakes from yard sale treasures.  My back feels every single book I picked up and every single bin I filled.  Glad that is done.  Bonus:  I got reacquainted with some old friends … Hello my little pink mixer!

Also managed to begin the metamorphosis of the kitchen into a 50’s retro diner. 
Long way to go, but it is a start.

Time in Colorado, Arizona, & Virginia!

Maxwell discovered a pink bowl exactly the right size for his bottom end!
and found that he can hold his own glass of milk – the same little glass that Mark and Larry held in their little hands over 50 years ago at Grandma Tabor’s home!
                       GOT MILK?
All in all, not a bad week.  Bob had doctor appointments almost every day as well as appointments with his Dialysis Nurses.  Had a nice visit with an old friend, Mac.  Reconnected with an old friend, Peggy, via Face book.  Got photos of all 6 grand kids up.  Ready for Bob to have his yard sale next month and clear out a lot of room in the garage.  Looking forward to beginning our super secret Christmas holiday project!
Sent my sister in law, Jane, Grandma Tabor’s old recipe box filled to the brim with yellowed 3×5 cards with hand written recipes.  Jane has vowed to make each and every recipe in the box, just like the movie, Julie and Julia.  I hope to get progress reports from her on a regular basis! Max got a hold of my cell phone and not only called the storage company where we recently had a storage unit, but he managed to find the button to call Aunt Lori.  He is always very animated when he pretends to talk on the phone, but this time it was different – I could hear someone on the other end talking back!  Auntie Lori was carrying on a real conversation with this tiny mite while he jabbered away.
On to the weekend! 
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